Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Godzilla's trash could be my treasure!

I have been eyeing up a project code named Tokyo Trash Baby, a home built hard chined sportboat built out of plywood and epoxy. One word here.... CHEAP! This type of project would solve several problems; I could get all my laundry list of wants out of a boat and still be able to actually get it without having to alter the Laser.

Lifting keel, Ramp launchable
standing headroom below
Respectable performance (PHRF less than 130)
ability to single hand
articulating sprit

There are several freeware boat design programs out there, and I think I will play with them until I have a hard chine version of the stealth 8M. I believe I may need more weight in the keel, I am not planning to sail her with a crew of six, but really this is just a way to think about sailing.....


EVK4 said...

Respectable performance: PHRF < 130. Hah, my PHRF is 198.

You should check in with The Horse's Mouth Blog, Joe over there builds his own dinghies, he likes small fast boats, and is very knowledgable about boatbuilding.

"Raps" said...

My dad's PHRF is 256. Your boat is a rocket!