Monday, February 26, 2007


I got my first job offer today, and I feel pretty good about that. It is a sales position; with a track to management if I choose. The salary would rely heavily on commission and that is a bit scary. Not to mention the long drive to work and the hours... (no weekday racing) But, how could a sailor not be good at sales? I think I'll take it, but I'm going to sleep on it first. I could start tomorrow... but I don't have any clean pants. They expect me to wear pants!!!! When I was working at the lab I didn't have to worry about such things.


EVK4 said...

I'm in sales and rarely wear pants. skorts really get the customer talking, try those.

"Raps" said...

is a skort like a scottish kilt?

EVK4 said...

hmmm, a kilt is a wraparound skirt, right? a skort is half skirt/half shorts. Like a spork, but you wear it.

Don't even get me started on wearing gauchos to work...I have an employee out there in his cube in a pair right now.

Did you take the job?