Friday, February 23, 2007

spring can't come fast enough!

With the volume of leads I have received this week, I'm confident "Raps" will splash this year. This year will be an interesting one... my wife wants to race, and that changes things a bit. I am looking forward to spending time with my honey out on the water, and teaching my wife how to sail her!

Here is a recent SA post about sailing with the wife:

Last summer was the first year as a boat owner. I took my wife (then girlfriend) out sailing several times. Ok, she is really really smart (skipped 2 grades in high school) but she gets kinda nervous easy.... and then... well.... she is .... ya.. She is a librarian.... you get the idea....

We were sailing (she has a hard time getting around, so she has to steer) and the wind really picks up. I go the the foredeck to swap head sails. The gal gets very nervous. I yell "steer into the wind!" She says "where is the wind coming from?" And.... she really wants to race with me this year... Can anyone say Jib and Main division?

There was another time we were out, a nice 8 mph wind, good day on the laser 28, but there were some clouds... The wife says, we should get back, those clouds look dark... I say, it will miss us, they are way north of us.

It went from 8mph to 28+ mph wind in a fingersnap! Lightning started to strike the lake about a half mile away. We raced back to the harbor... (with a shreaded main) I still hear about that one... ( I told you so) It would seem we make quite a pair!

EDIT: So, If you ever find yourself racing JAM against a boat named Rapscallion and you see a very cute Librarian at the helm do me a favor and give us a wide birth!

Given the skill level of "Team Rapscallion" I'm thinking Lake Winnebago would be a better choice than Lake Michigan. The 6 (ok 5 boat) laser 28 fleet will still be there in 08. I think I'll keep my boat in the kiddie pond and race with the "Big Boys" when time permits. The vibe at the Neenah club is pretty different from where I am now. I grew up there, and have been racing there since the beginning. Despite the torchure and possible risk of dismemberment I think I am going to risk removing the boat from the fleet.

I had to visit her in the boatyard today. All of the boat's are wrapped up like Christmas presents. I shouldn't wait till spring to open mine... I think I'm going to go and pet her for a while....

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