Monday, February 19, 2007

The Ultimate Sailboat

After thinking about this for a long time, I'm beginning to believe my ultimate boat is a trimaran. I think a multi hull design is a great way to get outstanding performance out of a shallow draft boat. The L7 design has an awful lot to offer, and for a new boat kit it is very reasonably priced. I was just hoping for a little more room below. With some minor tweeking, I think this design would be perfect for my needs. It is very trailerable, outstanding performer, easily single handed, all of the sails furl, easy and fast setup/teardown, And is a dry ride. All it needs is a bit more space below - a double bunk, an enclosed head, and a little table and we would have a winner!

I really like the idea of the easy folding amas. Fitting the boat in an average slip is an obvious plus! Now, I just have to figure out a way to make one for the price of a used Laser 28 ;)


Tillerman said...

Have you ever read Adrift at Sea? If you scroll back to his old posts he has a lot of stuff about choosing a trimaran and why?

Aaron - said...

What a cute little trimaran design! I used to race on, and then owned a Corsair F-28, which was really a delight. It was a bit shocking, then, to go aboard a 26 foot monohull with a standing room interior and most of the comforts of home. Trimarans need to be light with narrow hulls to peform well, and that tends to make for pretty tight quarters. Can be really great sailors, though, either ripping along in a stiff breeze, or quietly moving when you can hardly feel the wind at all.

"Raps" said...

I have never been on a F-28 but I was impressed with the catry 27 interior; bunks for 4, enclosed head, and standing headroom in such a compact package! I know I won't have the room I have now with the Laser 28 unless I go to a 40 foot Trimaran.... but sailing a trimaran is unreal!

tillerman, thanks for the suggestion. Adrift at sea was a worth while read.