Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now where did I put that.....

I believe I have lost my mind. The last time I remember using it was ....hmmmm..... well. I'm sure it was next to my car keys and cell phone but it wasn't there. Today was the first time this year I could drive with the top down. It was a beautiful thing. Spring is close. I saw a Robin this morning. I have no idea how retired people live like this, I could really use a job.

I started compiling data on various trimaran designs as well as various construction methods. I need to start the project soon. The devil's playground is less than an arms length away. I need to get to work.

originally I was going to build the tri using a stitched ply and epoxy construction. But after crunching the numbers a two layer fiber glass construction might be cheaper. I still plan to use a cat donor boat for the rig and amas.

I'm also working on a jib furling system for the laser 28, which will be done before her launch this spring.

If I don't get a decent job offer by the end of the summer, I'm going to send my resume to NZ and see if I can go there.... What the hell? You only live once.... unless you are a Hindu.

I can't shake this dizzy feeling, I feel like the fragile optimist right after reading "The Fire Gospels." I met Mike, (the author of the book) back when he drank. We shared some Irish Whiskey. Me and the Lummox himself. Now he's biking with the a new flock of seagulls, who are only interested in flying. Me, I'm still a glass tiger playing with TNT in a gravel pit.

I have evolved in that direction before; and I have regressed back in the name of a frenzied maypole dance with people I wanted to have something in common with. It isn't working though. I can't go back. And I can't move forward, not here, not like this.

Sailing for me was never about being better than anyone, or being faster than anyone. The competition was fun, but for me it was always about transcendence. Evolution. By digging deeper and deeper into the sport I felt like I was getting closer to something at the core of myself, and if I was ever lucky enough to touch it something would happen.... I would suddenly start to glow and I would disappear - and leave this plane of existence and find myself somewhere that made more sense.

well, perhaps I am loosing my mind, or I'm at a cross roads. Only time will tell.

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