Thursday, April 19, 2007

sail shape study

There isn't much I can do to practice when my boat is landlocked. I make spreadsheets and read books and dream... mostly. I started to look at sail shape again. When I was designing sails with Sailcut Cad software I delved into the implications of sail shape. It is an interesting topic... And there are ways to measure sail shape that I find rather clever. UK sails has a free ware program that lets people measure sail shape with photos. Based on that I cobbled together a little hand held thingy that does the same thing. I have a couple of main sails that have different shapes even though all of the settings are the same.... No big surprise there... I'm just amazed at how little the sail shape has to change in order for the rig to depower. That's important for me, because if I do race I'll be light. I'll have to depower before the other boats. The next thing that ties into sailshape is VMG... If I depower early this will create a delta between the theoritical VMG and my actual VMG.. It just means I'll have to sail around alot! and write things down! maybe..

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EVK4 said...

Picture your basic cosine curve sail shape. That's me as I pinch too much. Is that fast?