Thursday, October 23, 2008

sad sad times

Pulling the boat out of the water is a rough time of year for me. But I have all kinds of things this fall and winter to keep be busy. I started another Master's program at UW Madison. This time the degree will be in Polymer Engineering, it should help with my sailing and possible boatbuilding hobby... I'm also teaching another class at a local private college... more cash for the cause...

This winter I plan to get Rapscallion race ready. Here is a list of upgrades:

repaint deck
sand hull
new bottom paint
check keel and rudder profile
new halards.

I'm also getting a new mainsail (max roach) finally.... and a new/used spinnaker.

I'm still working on the proa... I just ordered the polycore for the boat. I have the basalt and epoxy, and with the core I'll be able to start making panels. I'm using derek Kelsall's KSS building method for this one.

The hard part was finding a place to build the hulls... but I was able to talk a guy into letting me use his warehouse in exchange for an undetermined amount of stroh's
beer... imported from detroit...

I'm also thinking about entering a mustache growing contest. See, there is stuff to do after the boat comes out of the water....

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