Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Brush with Greatness!

Boat designer and writer Robert Perry reciently developed a 32 foot sport boat project to be built in China. The Name of the design was the Flying Tiger. Interest and speculation flourished in the irreverent forums of Sailing Anarchy -- and later that interest evolved into sales. But like any other enterprise, the project had growing pains. The naysayers hissed, and some of the early depositors called for a public flogging of the builders. The customers demanded an explanation, as well as service with a smile.

Here is the rub...

Robert Perry is not only a "boat wizard", he is an artist. Boat design is not simply a living, it is a calling. I did not believe for one minute he would let a sailor down.... and this was my response in the forum.

"Do you think this kind of guy would leave a boat owner high and dry?

Do you think this is the kind of guy that sell a "glass tiger" to the running of the bulls?


Mr Perry If I was in your area I would stop by... I love to cook too, perhaps I could PM you and we could trade recipies?

As soon as I find a job I am going to start saving pennies... cause I know in my heart of hearts this tiger will roar for a long time to come, and I can tell what kind of person you are -- I believe you know a boat is more than the sum of it's parts -- I believe you understand the synergy of dreams and carbon fiber... You sir are a Titan... with the soul of a Tiger."

And Mr Perry responded to this post with the following kind words.

Holy Cow, knock it off. You almost made me cry. I extend to you an open invitation to come and stay a few days at my new house, due to be finished in June on the water north of Seatle. We can cook our asses off and enjoy the great fishing.

I hope to someday visit My Perry, until then I hope he just keeps on being himself and I know the world will catch up.
The photo was taken from the webpage, if you can't see it just click on the little box.
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