Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Mustache of a Titan!

"Rugged, self-assured, adult. These are the words that describe the man who wears a mustache. Yes, it says to the world, 'I'm a man of action!' Ah, but action tempered with maturity. Like a fireman... or somebody's dad! Y'know, most of your world leaders have mustaches!" --- The Tick.

To put a positive spin on my current standing; I have had some extra time on my hands lately, and I have put that time to good use. I have watched the entire series of Judging Amy (I love TNT). I have read some great books like Oh The Places You Will Go and Fuzzy Neural Systems. But the most interesting thing that has happened has to do with the hair above my upper lip.

The mustache has developed a life of it's own; and is growing at a staggering rate. The hornlike points on either end can now reach my nose... but the scary thing is what this new born entity wills me to do.

like a young buck struck with the fever of the rut, I feel compelled to seek out wholesome and unsuspecting delicious young librarians and rub their noses with my Titan like appendage. Is that so wrong? I think Not!

I have also learned one other important thing through this experience; and that is when it comes to mustache wax, less is more.


Donovan said...

Grow that thing! Take it from a retired firefighter with a handlebar. With wax, as you said, less is more. You've learned a good lesson!

EVK4 said...

I didn't know that henchmen could grow mustaches. Great posting on SA, I'm just hoping that your blog keeps up that spirit. I'll link to it if it's half as good.