Monday, January 22, 2007

spelling and grammer Anarchy style

This is a short blurb I posted on sailing Anarchy concerning spelling and grammer... Let the English Teachers Beware!

boy am I glad someone brought this up....

I am a true believer in transending the boundries of the english language. It is not my fault that I was born into a culture that absorbed seceral ancient languages over centuries of time so that rules of spelling and grammer are so freaking obsurd that you have to be literate just to understand them?!!???!!!???

I say spell it the way it sounds and forget the rest of that jazz.... and take it a step further like our president does... if no word exists that describes how you feel of what you think, invent one...

I wish I could take credit for strategery... absolute genious... I know smarts when I see it..... it just resonates a truthieness that can't be denied.

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