Thursday, February 8, 2007

building the dream

I have started collecting cans, walking the neighbor's poodle and shoveling driveways while my wife is at work. I also donate plasma. All of this effort is to raise cash for the dream boat. The Dream boat has a check list:

At least 5'11" standing headroom (and about as much room below as a laser 28)
The boat should be as fast as the laser 28 (PHRF 126)
The boat should be trailer launchable... (Rappy don't like cranes)
Deck stepped mast.... (again Rappy thinks cranes are creepy)
25 to 28 feet long
enclosed head (not a must but strongly encouraged by the boss (wife)) .... so it is a must
articulating sprit. I wanna race 2 handed, a sprit and dousing sock means I could sail it and race it single handed
furling jib (self tacking would be a plus)

But most importantly, I want to be able to own it!!!

There are a couple of boats that fit the bill; the Annapolis 30, the Rapscallion 28.

And there are a few that come close; the stealth 8M (5'4" headroom), cafe 25 (5'4" headroom)

The S27.9 (lead in the hull, balsa core, SLOW) is a great boat, but I was hoping for something more smurfy.

The Mega 30 also comes very close, but I'm afraid everyone makes fun of that boat. It kinda looks like a sailing full face helmet. It is probably safe. Updating the keel on that boat would probably give me the speed I am looking for, the keel is way heavier than it needs to be because it was designed to sail with the keel up (weird) if needed... or so I was told. I would tweek the cabin top a bit too.

There are rumors stirring that the TP52 people have designed a boat to the specs I mentioned and they will be introducing it this spring. I'm pumped!!! But I have a feeling it will be priced out of my can collecting, plasma donating, cut my own hair budget. It ain't easy being a chemist in wisconsin, unless you are making Meth....(and I'm not... meth is not smurfy)

How hard would it be to make a boat? The Stealth 8M is sold as a home build, I could tweek the freeboard 7 inches and have it all! To find the answers, I went to: Click on the blue box to go there.

They make boats in 4 hours!!!

But I think stealthy would take longer... here are some links to stealthy's construction... click on the blue boxs to see

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