Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Rascal falls on tough times

I have shared my dream of giving Rapscallion better foils with a couple of people and I have gotten less than positive responses. Here is one from a boat design forum. I was asking how I could calculate the righting moment of the two keels.

"Yes it's a lever and you work out the moments. As long as they are similar it shouldn't have any knock on effects on sizing the rigging etc.

HOWEVER: It's a massive job and one that will destroy the resale value of your boat. I presume that in order for you to consider this option, you are being coerced by a swarm of heavily armed aliens who have set you this test to prove the superiority of the human race. If so - good luck.

If not, we need to talk!"

I also emailed the guy at Ames boat works and he has not responded. He must think I am an Alien as well. The other laser 28 sailors gasp for air at the thought of their mighty 6 boat fleet shrinking; apparently racing one design is preferred to racing SMRF. I have always liked the color blue, and I have always wanted to live in a giant mushroom. I have often wondered what my smurf name would be; Sailie smurf? Hempie smurf? Only Papa Smurf knows, and the rest of us are left to suppose!

There is one fella that thought it might be fun; Colonel Angus (that is his screen name) owns a laser 28 and was excited by the idea of pimping his ride (Pimpie Smurf?) He thought it was a great idea and attempted to contact several boat yards in his area. The results were the same as mine.

Maybe someday after I find a job I will be able to build the boat of my dreams. I would post my resume on the blog but I fear that would only make things worse!!!! But... someday, after I move into that giant mushroom with a 2 car garage I will start to build a boat that will make quixtoe's windmills look like the giants they really are. And yes I believe in Santa, I love mashed potatoes and I make spagetti on the grill.... and someday, I believe everyone will!....well..... not really.... it just rhymed


EVK4 said...

Nauti-Smurf? Sort of a double entendre, assuming of course that you're not actually naughty which only makes it funnier.

"Raps" said...