Saturday, February 17, 2007

franchise FEVER!!

I was amazed to find out that no two countries that each had a MacDonalds went to war with each other. Amazing! Maybe Ronald should work for the UN, along with Grimace and Burger King and Taco John. I don't know, maybe something is lost. If all of the small towns all over the world contain all of the same "places".... why travel? If every town is pasteurized, homogenized, and franchised will our cultural identity be circumcised? In the Long Run... (I like to swagger more than I like to run) does it really matter? Is the world nothing more than a white canvas, waiting for the next logo; the next sponsor?

I want to start my own franchise.... "Rogue Burger." Everyone that works there will look like a big bearded biker guy, and they will always be mad all the time. They will say "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" when you walk in, but you can only get the rogue burger, and fries and a soda....I guess it would be like the american chopper version of the soup nazi.

A Caribbean franchise would be nice: a pirate franchise would be good too. Just think, it would bring us one step closer to world peace!

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