Friday, February 2, 2007

green house apocalypse

The scientists met in Europe to talk about their study of the greenhouse effect. They said the world is getting warmer... but I'm still cold here in Wisconsin, I hope it gets warmer faster.. I want to be able to sail all year round. Let the UV rays bring brighter days! That's what I always say. unless I get all sunburn't. That I don't like.

But they also said the oceans will get deeper. I'm just worried about the Netherlands. Are those dykes big enough? Will we loose the windmills to SUV exhaust and cow flagulants? I think we should give all of the cows beano and convert all the suvs of the world to run on hydrogen. That way, we will be using water so the oceans won't get deeper and cows won't be farting all of time.

I just don't think there are enough little dutch boys left in the netherlands to hold up the dykes if the ocean comes.. so I think we need to help. The coyote accord will help I thought, but it sounds like the accord isn't in tune and the coyote never did catch the road runner... so I just don't know how good that will work.

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