Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sailing into the future!

I found this forward thinking design on a futurist website. It reminded me of a ostentatious Maltese falcon. If I had a bajingagillion dollars, I would buy a couple of african countries and start a farms that would feed the people who were hungry.
I would also build some chemical factories that would make HIV drugs for people who can't afford to buy them. But that is just me.... A rogue chemist with a dream...

I also found a really interesting article about using organic fibers in boat building (thanks tiller man)

(for some reason, I can't get the links to work)

Someday we could have boats made out of carrots and sails made from spider webs. This worries me, because my pet rabbit already chews on my computer chords; what if she chews a hole in my boat?

I like the mashed potato boat idea better..... sponsored by Mr Potato Head and Idaho!

EDIT: The future boat pic made it to the front page of the Sailing Anarchy website! Cool! I'm a huge SA fan; I love the articles and the crazy forum. Thanks ED!


EVK4 said...

After having sent my daughter to a public school and having gone through SF Unified myself, most of my banjagillion would go to improving public education.

Then I'd start a foundation that creates nano-organisms that eat CO2 and spit out O2 leaving little carbon pellets that can be used for important stuff like playground mulch.

Then I'd spend the rest on a 270 foot sailboat. so, I'd have that going for me. Along with a thriving business in used carbon nano-pellets.

Damn, I like your blog, I rarely say crap like that on mine. It's refreshing.

"Raps" said...

I really like the CO2 idea.... Algae do that already, but I don't know of any that spit out carbon pellets..

Imagine critters that spit out carbon you could use to make your 270 foot boat!!!! Although the world does need mulsh.

Thanks for stopping by evk4... I'll post a pic of your cool shirt as soon as it comes in the mail!!

EVK4 said...

shut up, you ordered one?!? How cool is that. I gave a eps of my design to some guy in Annapolis (he found it through SA)...if you feel like making a Rapscallion Racing Team with the same design, I'd be honored.

Even though I'm sure you can do something more creative with Igor there.