Sunday, February 25, 2007


I finally got my copy of The Tick: season 1. I had bought the entire series off of ebay but the boot leg DVD doesn't work in 95% of the world's DVD players! But now I have the real thing! The genuine article! The big blue cheese of justice!!! The 8 episode live action series had a slant that was not present in the animated series.... I have often wondered why the creative U turn... The live action series had it's moments however. So Look out all that is evil! Badness has just been placed on the endangered species list! For the Tick is is on the trail of Destiny! And when Destiny calls for blue, there is nothing evil can do.


EVK4 said...

Is your boat name somehow related to the Tick?

"Raps" said...

The boat name was inspired by the song "Captain Rapscallion" by Mike Mennard. As for the Tick, he is my favorite superhero; everyone needs a favorite superhero right?

EVK4 said...

Ever hear of Ambush Bug? In high school, I bought the whole 4-part mini-comic-series or whatever they're called. Probably worth a fortune now.