Sunday, March 11, 2007

daylight savings time bringing back the itch

The sailing season is getting closer... and it is beginning to feel closer. It is no longer an abstract notion that lives a million miles away. Raps is going in the water this year, and she will be set up for single hand sailing. I hope to spend many a day just watching the sun go down behind the sleepy town of Sheboygan. The racers are happy my boat is going in the water, well, the one designers are happy... but I see a few JAM races in my future, that is if the boss is up to the challenge. Here is a shot of her enjoying her first sailboat race. We were racing my Dad's Hunter 22 in Neenah. I think we won that race despite a very late start.

I have decided against getting the trimaran in Florida. A family member went to look at the boat and said that it needed way too much work to be worth it. So, I'm still looking for a nice little two man trimaran for some serious racing. I found a nice design on the Kurt hughes site. A tri that would allow the honey to sit in one spot and we could just fly... and have the boat equipped with a furling jib and screecher... good times!

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