Monday, March 5, 2007

OH The Places you will go!

I have to admit I really like this whole blog experience. I have always enjoyed writing.... I feel I'm in my element.. free from limitations to create and destroy.... stuff. I started rereading the works of writers that inspired me in college, and I was surprised at what I found. It was like revisiting a forest in autumn after first seeing it in the spring, to me, that's the mark of an exceptional writer....

"Loneliness can only be felt by those who see themselves through the eyes of their compatriots; and all evidence shows I have long passed that stage." HST

This silly blog allows me to walk in the footsteps of the great writers I admire. I am not at all concerned with the number of hits I get..... The response of the work is completely independent of the work.... It is the process that matters here, not the product... (well at least to me)

I have some sailing stories in the works. After all this was meant to be a sailing blog... but there is only so much a sailor can say in the winter without getting philosophical... and dreamy.... and all evidence shows that I have reached that stage


amarendra said...

sailing hasn't been left out of the blogosphere. First-hand, immediate, written accounts of life at sea

Check this out

"Raps" said...

Thanks for the link! That was some cool stuff!

Tillerman said...

I do relate to your observations on blogging - and the firection one heads when thinking about writing about sailing in the off-season.

The thing I enjoy about blogging is the freedom ot experiment with different styles of writing, different topics... serious, off-beat, factual, philosophical, educational, comic etc. etc.