Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's on its way!

I have become a believer in the "clap for tinker bell" theory; meaning the notion that if you expect good things to happen to you, they will. There is growing evidence this is the case in my personal life, and I have found several interesting studies on the subject too.

There was a study concerning the attitudes of bomber crews before a bomber run. If the crew believed they were going to be shot down, there were in fact 5 times as likely to get shot down vs. the crew that believed they were going to make it. I also found a Duke university study that involves cancer patients that came to a similar conclusion.

Lately I have committed myself to believing something good is on its way and lately I have enjoyed a few strokes of good luck.
I am in the middle of redoing my bathroom. and as luck would have it all of the parts I would have had to order were already ordered by someone weeks ago and no longer needs them... they were at the store waiting for me.

I have enjoyed an increase in interview requests.... that is a good sign!

And I believe I have found a trimaran! There is a guy in florida who just wants to get rid of one...and he is willing to give it to me for free! ... he did want a small amount of money for the trailer, but the price was very reasonable. I hope the logistics work out for the boat.... I have a feeling they will.

I also plan to visit the Tremolino factory today. The more I look at those little boats the more I like them!

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