Friday, March 9, 2007

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure

The designer and builder of this neat little trimaran said I could have this boat, all I would have to do is come and get it!! My dad thinks I'm crazy to drive 1500 miles one way for this... maybe he is right. maybe I should wait for a more "squared away" trimaran to come along. I have a few days to think about it I suppose. It's just that I have multihull fever! and the only cure is a trimaran!!! The end is near!! Hide your Raspberries and your cotton balls! Raps is going to the darkside!


EVK4 said...

I have some unsolicited advice. Don't drive 1500 miles one way for this boat.

Then you'd be stuck in Georgia....try doing it roundtrip, I think you would be much happier with the results.

EVK4 said...

does the boat have the rig? What will you need to do to get her sailing?

"Raps" said...

I hear georgia is nice this time of year! I guess it does have a rig from a hobie cat. My uncle is in florida; he is going to go and check it out and give me the skinny on the boat.