Monday, March 5, 2007

Pet Raspberry

I can't remember where I heard this story... but recent events in my life (in the real world) keep reminding me of it.

There was this young kid who wanted to be a monk. He went to a monk temple and found a teacher.

The teacher asked "what bothers you the most? "
The student replied, "I hate it when people treat each other badly..."
"Why?" The teacher asked.
"Because i can't take it." the student replied.

The teacher decided the student needed some perspective. So he forced the student to pay him every time the he insulted his student." The student learned all of the monk stuff like martial arts and how to meditate and how to cook rice. The teacher insulted him constantly! And for over twenty years the student paid the teacher every time he was insulted.

The day came when the student completed his jedi monk training. And the student set off to explore the world. The first big city he came to had a huge wall around it and the gate was guarded by a troll. The student wanted to go inside the city, but the troll didn't like the looks of him. The troll called him a string of names that would make a drunk sailor blush, hoping he would just humiliate him enough that he would just go away. The student just started laughing..... The troll became angry...

"What is so funny?" the Troll grumbled

"For the last twenty years I have had to pay for that kind of treatment, and you are kind enough to treat me like that for free!"

The troll pulled out a gun and shot the student dead because nobody likes a smarty pants!

Sales can be a rough job. Rejection can wear some people down.... but I don't think it has to. I guess it all depends on your stride, and your poker face!

My pet Raspberry has been laying the jeers nice and thick. I suppose I could start paying her for it...

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