Saturday, March 3, 2007

Tremolino for

The Tremolino looks like a great place to start my trimaran odyssey. I'm going to visit the Tremolino factory next week to get more info on the boat and to check out the used market. The Trem doesn't have the accommodations I was looking for but the trailer-ability and performance exceed my expectations enough to offset the loss of cabin space. I could pitch a tent on the silly thing if I had to..and my wife could sail it without having to exert herself.... that is a huge plus!

My dream boat has to be the farrier 32, but the budget needed for that is out of my league. I was hoping to work up to building one... by starting with the smaller tremo - like creature. A friend of mine sent me a link to a guy building a scarab 22; using a vacuum bag construction. That seems pretty hardcore for a home builder. The guy mentioned the foam was wicked expensive.
I hope to learn more about the foams used in this type of construction, maybe there are cheaper alternatives available? (like buying a used boat!)

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Can you tell me more about the orange folding Tremolino in the is post?


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