Friday, April 6, 2007

New Zealand Calling!

I have always dreamed of moving to New Zealand. That country is so beautiful! The climate is perfect year round, they have the strictest environmental laws in the world and probably some of the best sailing in the world. I want to immigrate there. I found a couple of firms that will fill out all of the paperwork and find a job for you based on your experience and education. If they can place you, you can go! I get misty just thinking about it. What an adventure! My wife and I plan to go to New Zealand for our Anniversary.... but my plan is to get her to fall in love with the island so we can move there.... and I can work again. She is so close to her family however. Right now we live in the same town as her mom; and her Dad is buried here. My parents are 60 miles away. It is nice being close to family. I wish I could take them all with us.

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