Sunday, March 16, 2008

As the snow melts.....

The businessy business I have been doing is finally winding down... I have been working on developing a family of new products for the company. It's time to put my feet up on the desk, fold my hands behind my head and dream about sunshine, sailing, and my soon to be empty wallet.

Rapscallion has not sold. There has been interest, but I haven't had time to follow up with most of the inquiries. 80 hour weeks, traveling weeks at a time - and endless "what if I do this" questions kept my brain cell very busy. But now, enough show has melted in the back yard to reveal the garden gnomes again. Good news for people who think winter wonderlands best belong in Norman Rockwell paintings and little round balls that are meant to be shaken - not stirred. What do they call those little snow globes?

I got a bit of work to do on the boat - I want to paint the mast and deck - and put it in the water. I'll sell it. I want to sell it. It comes down to 3 words.

I started the trimaran. I'm building a smaller one before I try to build a 30 footer. little steps... before the big steps.


Anonymous said...
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EVK4 said...

More gnomes will fit on the bigger boat. More crew = faster boat. At least if your crew is tiny magical creatures.