Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rapscallion sells out!

I'm not sure if this crop of people interested in crewing will work out, but I was hoping to work up a crew hat or T shirt just the same. Right now all I have at the moment is the idea of the graphic for the boat name. I wanted Rapscallion on the sides of the boat in ransom note font. The Hat would have a couple of sponsor logos, BYM news for one... maybe one more. But I'm blanking on a mascot. I wanted a little rapscallion guy - I was hoping for a harmless trixter persona... but nothing comes to mind.


EVK4 said...

I'm going to do some googling and see what pops up around rapscallion for inspiration. did you ever see these guys:

EVK4 said...

My next t-shirt is going to have a Dia de muertos theme with the tagline "Dia de DFL"